There are different ways to achieve permanent residence in Spain, our experienced team of lawyers have been pioneers in this field of the law. Each case needs to be assessed at a personal level but, in brief, these are the main ways of granting indefinite right to remain in the country

Investing in the Country

This option is for the applicant who plans to invest an amount of not less than 100,000€ in a new business or in an existing one, that would also include the possibility of bringing an international franchise to Spain. The person can create his/her own company and invest 100,000€ as part of the company´s capital; the person will then become the Director of the company and the money will be able to be drawn back to invest  willingly.

The family of the main applicant is granted right to remain in the country, they are able to go to school and normally they can get the right to work after a year for as long as the investment is kept in the country.

An important part of the application process involves the drawing of a proper business plan, explaining investment, job creation, expansion plans…part of our work is to assist you in this particular point, making sure the plan meets the standards requested by the authorities.

Passive Residency (or Non-Lucrative Residency)

This kind of visa is for those people who wish to live in Spain and have sufficient funds to cover for the cost of living in the country without working. Criminal record checks from the country of residence and a medical certificate will be needed.

Applicants will have to prove they have income to live in Spain, income will have to come from pensions, trust funds…salaries or just bearing interest from a bank account are not deemed enough prove.

Normally family members also get residency to live and attend school, providing that the source of income will meet the amount of money set up by the  authorities to cover for all family members´ cost of living.

Corporate Visa

If your company is planning to deploy some employees in Spain we are able to assist you with all the paper work needed in order to grant them residence for them and their families. Please also check Expat/non resident working in Spain for advantage tax scheme for expat workers.

For other situations where you may need information about immigration to Spain, please ask for a personal assessment.