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Here you will find the latest news about Spanish Immigration Law.

Easily Avoid Taking The Nationality Exams

In the case that you finished secondary school (ESO), high-school, any vocational training course or you obtained a degree in Spain, you could avoid taking the Spanish nationality exams.

Nevertheless, you had to initiate a legal procedure so you could accredit your situation.

But now there is no need to go with that extra step.

You only need to include your educational diplomas on your application, and that’s it!

Avoid Getting Your Application Rejected Due To Residency Issues

Until the end of 2018, if during the Spanish nationality application procedure you lost your residency status (maybe because you didn’t renew your current permit); your application could get rejected.

Nevertheless, after the beginning of 2019 that changed.

Now it won’t be a problem. If you meet all the requirements that can grant you Spanish citizenship, you can lose your resident status and still get the nationality.

Just 2 Years In Spain For Those With A Dual Nationality

No matter if you had a dual nationality or not, you had to stay 10 years in the country in order to get Spanish citizenship.

But under the new changes in the regulation, if you have another nationality, things may be better for you.

If the other nationality that you possess is one that just requires 2 years in Spain for obtaining  citizenship, you can come under this ordering and avoid spending 10 years in Spain.

New Initiative That Can Resolve All The Applications Much Faster

The Spanish Ministry of Justice has activated a proposal that has the aim to resolve many of the Spanish nationality application procedures much faster.

By hiring from 60 to 80 individuals that would work just for that, it is highly possible that your filed application will be resolved in the upcoming months, if this proposal is accepted on the Government annual budgets.

There is no denying the fact that this will highly benefit you, as the related bureaucracy will work more efficiently, hence making it possible for you to get your citizenship in a record time.

Right now, the Ministry of Justice is working on applications from the second semester of 2015. That is why we will now start seeing applications from 2016 getting resolved.

Furthermore, this will also affect all the appeals that were suffering important delays. Under the new initiative, they will also start getting resolved as soon as possible.

Calculating The Absences In Spain

Until now, out of the total 10 years you were required to stay in Spain in order to get the nationality, you couldn’t leave the country for more than a total of 6 months.

In the case that, because of your country of origin, you just had to stay 1 or 2 years, you couldn’t leave Spain for more than 3 months in total.

But that has changed now.

You are allowed to leave the country as many times as you want. The only thing you must consider is that you can’t be abroad for more than 6  (or 3, depending on the case) consecutive months.

If you split your exits into smaller chunks of time, there won’t be a problem with surpassing that total amount of 183 or 90 days.